Independent AssistRx

All pharmacies face the same headache of contending with reconciling their third party receivables. However, independent pharmacies often find themselves at a disadvantage, lacking the extensive resources often available to many chains. As a result, independents have few tools to ensure they are getting all the money due to them from insurance companies.

That’s why the National Health Information Network (NHIN) introduces AssistRx—a comprehensive, transaction-level reconciliation package designed specifically for independent pharmacies by CPAs, pharmacists, and industry experts. AssistRx provides accounts receivable services and online tools independents need for pharmacy claims reconciliation. For central-pay customers, AssistRx provides both automated reconciliation and self-posting of claims. Using the secure AbsoluteAR web portal, pharmacy owners and claims administrators can view and track daily sales information, research outstanding aging, and select claims for reconciliation.

Automated processing of electronic remittances from central-pay offerings

Transaction search
Access to all prescription information including  payment details

Create deposits based on electronic remittance received from central pay offerings as well as at store

Sales Reporting
Verify sales daily, weekly, monthly,
or yearly

Payment Postings
Automated posting of third
party receivables


Aging updated weekly
Once-weekly payments applied to aging

Account summary
High-level weekly/monthly/yearly view of current aging, sales, and payments

Store payment activity
Search for and view payments received and remittance detail

Create write-offs
Remove claims from aging by batch or individual claims

Unapplied cash
View payments received at the claim level with no corresponding receivable

All reports are easily accessible online and available 24/7. Each summary report provides a drill-down to access transaction-level detail. The Web portal displays up to 13 months of data and three years of summary information.


Aging Summary

  • Aging detail by store/carrier at 30/60/90- (to 421+) day increments.
  • Ability to review by various claim types (such as open, partial, reject)

Trial Balance Summary
Totals for all weekly receivable activity including sales, payments, and adjustments

Daily Sales Totals

  • Quick glance of total sales
  • Includes breakdown into third party, cash, copay, and suspended

Calendar Activity

  • Easy view of daily sales and payments that have been balanced (Customer favorite!)
  • Provides weekly/PTD/YTD figures

Founded in 1992, AbsoluteAR Services has become the leading provider of submission and reconciliation services for the retail pharmacy industry. Processing over 14 million claims per month throughout its customer base, AbsoluteAR has been selected by over 52 pharmacy chains and over 500 independents as their third party reconciliation solution and has been recommended by leading auditing firms across the nation. AbsoluteAR exists to provide pharmacies state-of-the-art technology, accurate reconciliation services, accessible data, and outstanding customer service—all of which have become trademarks of our service.