Drug Services

NHIN's Drug Services department is dedicated to ensuring that drug files
are always up-to-date. Whenever NHIN detects drug information changes, these changes are validated using Medi-Span or First DataBank before downloading new information to the PDX Host system (for chain customers) or to the NHIN Host System (for independent stores). Then, the Host System downloads the appropriate files to each store’s PDX Pharmacy System. Customers have the ability to receive wholesaler acquisition cost as well as wholesaler item number updates. NHIN also provides clinical updates containing patient education printouts, patient counseling messages, allergy checking, interaction checking, drug dosage checking, warning label updates, and more. The NHIN Drug Service updates are available on a daily, weekly
and monthly basis providing its customer with the most up to date information available.

NHIN provides our customers with the ability to choose a variety of value-added files for their drug file data processing needs. Our service helps customers reduce the need to maintain full-time, data-processing personnel for a variety of tasks including:

  • Loading vendor files
  • Combining information from multiple vendors to provide
    value added data
  • Quality Control for data received at NHIN
  • Quality Control of all NHIN customer files

When customers call NHIN, they will reach Drug Service representatives dedicated to meeting their needs. Representatives are ready to respond to drug file questions or requests over the phone. We work diligently to resolve drug-related inquiries and requests within 24 to 48 business hours. For more information, contact or call 1-800-433-5719